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Welcome! My name is Suki and I am the founder of OHSHH,  a plus size shoe brand developed to bring fashionable shoes for those of us who like myself have been neglected by the high street stores. Needing Large ladies shoes as a child was a nightmare. I would feel so terrified having to go shopping for shoes knowing that I would struggle to find a pair in my size and the worst having to go up to the sales assistant and asking shyly if they had size 9 in stock. My fear was silly, I was ashamed of something i has no control over, society had made me feel like I was somehow monstrous. OHSHH was created for women like myself who struggle to find affordable yet fashionable shoes in their size. Through the power of great shoes i want you all to feel fabulous and confident. I truly live for providing my customers with that Cinderella Moment. I am just starting the journey with OHSHH and I hope you can be part of my Ohana which means family and as my family know that I will

always do my best to keep you looking and feeling fabulous

Peace & Love




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