November 8, 2016

April 23, 2016

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April 23, 2016



We all know how hard it can be finding the right pair of shoes! But imagine trying to find the perfect pair of shoes for your size 9 feet! I know I must be part big foot or something anyway that aside, getting stylish shoes in large sizes is like trying to find a needle in a very large haystack. The worst is the reaction I would get for asking for my shoe size when I would pop into a high street store. I literally could see what they are thinking when I 'd go up to ask for assistance. They would try to conceal their shock horror most of the time but sometimes they would just look me up and down and think this girl is definitely not human  but I can't help having big feet, it's not like I can do anything about it. so I've just learnt to accept it and decided us plus size feet women need to stick together. 

The reason behind OHSHH was not only to create a fashionable and stylish shoe store for women with large feet (like seriously I know we have big feet but doesn't mean we don't have any fashion sense so enough of the granny shoes Mr High street store) but to increase the confidence of my customers who have felt shy or even humiliated for just buying a pair of shoes in their size. 

OHSHH is here to silence those haters who have ever made fun of you. Its time to try on a new pair of shoes and feel fabulous. 

I think every woman deserves a Cinderella moment especially those of us blessed with a few extra inches on our feet!


I've only just started my quest to world domination so I hope you stay with me to watch and enjoy my journey. 


Remember to Spread the Love, Stay peaceful and Rock your fabulous shoes

Love you


Suki  xx

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