November 8, 2016

April 23, 2016

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Tall is Beautiful

November 8, 2016




 The thing I love about shoes are that each pair can make you feel so different. Heels have this magical effect of turning you into an Amazonian Goddess, or is that just the feeling I get when I'm strutting my best catwalk walk emulating Tyra Banks. It's so funny to think I used to shy away from heels, I was unconfident wearing them and felt slightly embarrassed especially because I would tower over people. It must of been the effects from being told when I was younger to stay away from heels because apparently  tall girls shouldn't wear them. That tall girls shouldn't tower over others and to do so was not a good thing, but as I grew older I longed to wear pretty shoes like my cute smaller friends who always seemed to look fabulous in heels. Heels are like magical fairy dust they add sparkle to your outfit and damn it I wanted some of that sparkle. Eventually I gathered my courage and decided it was my time to rock some heels. I still remember my first strut in heels, feeling like I was about to fall straight on my face at any second but knowing I would look fabulous in doing so. As I grew better at walking in heels I started to wear them to parties and weddings ( this was a huge step for me, all I had ever worn in the past was sandals and when I want to add some extra jazz sandals with sparkles!) . I was told too many times to recall that it didn't look right me wearing high heels, I became so self conscious of my height that I stopped wearing them until someone dear to me told me to stand up tall and wear my heels with pride for I should not diminish myself to fit in with others for my height is a thing of beauty it commands people to look up at me. So to those Amazonian women who feel ashamed of their height do not hunch your back or roll your shoulders down. Do not lower your grandeur for those who try to diminish your beauty for their own gain. Stand up tall and show them that we are all a thing of beauty, tall or small we shall shine bright. Remember to LOVE the skin you are in and the world will become a much brighter place to live in.










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